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Motorisation Blinds


Motorisation Control for all Types of Blinds In the modern world, we all like the convenience of ‘pressing buttons’ to operate our appliances or even having them controlling themselves. Wild Orchid blinds can also be operated in this fashion with motorisation and control systems to suit most applications.

Per product Wood and Aluminium Venetian blinds 16, 25, 35 & 50mm aluminium and 25 & 50mm Wood Venetian blinds can be motorised, some having the option of battery powered tilt only systems (16, 25 & 50mm aluminium and 50mm Wood), or fully hard wired raise, lower and tilt systems for all. The battery powered tilt only systems have the advantage of not having to run cabling to the window, just a battery pack. The 16 & 25mm systems have a simple two channel infra red control system, whilst the 50mm is radio control with a choice of remote controls. The batteries will normally havea life in excess of a year, in normal use. The hard wired systems have 24v d.c. motors for the 16, 25 & 35mm blinds and 240v a.c. motors for the 50mm. The advantages of the hard wired systems is there are no batteries to be replaced, power either being supplied by a range of 24v power supplies, to suit your requirements, or in the case of 240v motors direct from your mains supply. This also opens up a wide choice of control options, from simple switch or remote control, to more sophisticated control systems.

Roller Blinds - Roller blinds, including those from the Japanese Design Collection, can be motorised using 24v d.c. motors mounted in our 34mm diameter roller systems for normal size dwindows or using 240v a.c. motors mounted in 47, 63 or 85mm rollers for larger commercial installations. The 240v motors are also used for our Litemaster Blackout roller system and our range of external roller blinds.

Vertical Louvre Blinds - Vertical Louvre blinds, including the 250mm vanes and Japanese Design Collection 250mm vanes can be motorised. A battery powered tilt control system is available where the vanes can be rotated with a simple two channel infra red remote control system, with the vanes being drawn by cords. Alternatively a hard wired 24v d.c motor can be mounted, always on the back left of the track, which will both rotate and traverse the vanes.

Silhouette® - Silhouette® blinds, with the exception currently of the 100mmvane, can be motorised. A battery operated system called Powerise® is available which will both raise and lower and tilt the blind. There are two versions available that can be controlled by a simple two channel infra red control system or a radio control system which can cope with larger sizes and can also have a variety of control options. A 24v d.c. motor option is also available which will give a wider choice of control options.

Roman Blinds - Roman blinds can be raised and lowered using a 24v d.c. motor system.

Duette® and Plissé blinds - Duette® and Plissé blinds, both freehanging and roof blinds, can be motorised using a 24v d.c. motor system. Roof blinds have normally to be wired in a slightly different manner to other products, please see wiring diagrams for details.

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