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Shutters are designed to fit almost any window and provide a functional and stylish alternative to other window coverings. Made-to-measure shutters are ideal for windows that require something different and are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.
The S:CRAFT Plantation shutters featured on this site offer fantastic light control whilst reducing heat loss through windows and doors. They are thermally dynamic, providing a barrier against the cold in winter and the heat in summer.
All S:CRAFT shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and come with a three year warranty.

Benefits of S:CRAFT Shutters:

  • Light Control – The light that comes through the shutters can be controlled via a tilt rod or shutter louvre. For harder to reach windows or for large window spans, there is a remote control option.
  • Privacy – Shutters have the flexibility to offer total or partial privacy dependent on your needs. A popular option is to split shutter panels and use a horizontal privacy bar. This allows different control options creating two sets of louvres that can be operated individually.
  • Insulation – Heat loss can be reduced by up to 50% using S:CRAFT shutters
  • Guaranteed quality – Manufactured at the World’s largest shutter manufacturing facility, you can be assured all shutters are engineered to last
  • Low maintenance – Due to the durable louvre design, S:CRAFT shutters are easy to clean and dust.